How to Distinguish and use of Wood, Metal, and Concrete Drills

In the drilling market today, there are different types of the drill with different functions and functions. Join us to learn about the distinctions and uses of wood drills, metal drills, concrete drills, and most commonly.


1. Wood Drill Bits

The wood drill is easy to spot because they are different from iron drill and concrete drill. Because the wooden surface is quite soft and easy to mistake, the wood drill bits are often designed with small, sharp bits to make the bore neat, smooth, and not rough.

Wood Drill Bits

There are many types of wood drill according to user needs, such as:

  • Wood-tipped drill bits: This is the most common type, with a small tip like a nail-tip that helps fix a drill bit. This type has the same structure as the iron drill and is suitable for all kinds of wood.
  • Helical wood drill bit: This drill bit has a pointed thread and spiral design, which helps drill deeper and faster.
  • Paddle wood milling tips: There is a pointed tip to start the hole and a large, full hole shaped paddle blade. Dimensions are marked on the face of the paddle.
  • Drill core with the wooden base: Use to remove the wood core.
The Wood Drill Bits

2. Iron Drill Bit

Iron drills are quite similar to concrete drills because they also need to be reliable, indeed to be able to drill into metals, but they need sharper.

The drill bit has a drill bit section that includes parts that support drilling and surface punching, including the blade, the cutting section, and the directional part, to help fix the drill bit at the position to be drilled so that it will not be loose from the surface face.

Iron Drill Bit

There are many types of iron drills according to use, such as:

  • Traditional drill bits: Although there are many choices, iron drills are still the product of choice for many people due to its popularity. The hardness of the iron drill is quite good, used to drill thin metals, thick metals, stainless steel, etc.
  • Split drill: When using this drill, you will create round and full bores.
  • Point line drills: Owning an exceptional structure compared to other usual drill bits, this type of service for automatic cutting drilling becomes quick and easy. Point current drills are commonly used on materials such as wood or electronic circuit boards.
Iron Drill Bits

3. Concrete Drill Bits

The concrete drill bits have a solid structure, larger size, and slightly stiffer because concrete is a sturdy material, so this type of drill can quickly drill into concrete surfaces.

There are many types of concrete drill bits needs according to use such as:

  • Demolition drill bit: Often used to demolish concrete and partially demolish buildings, site clearance, demolition, etc.
  • Concrete core drill bit: Helps to cut without dismantling the entire concrete block, only a part of concrete needs to be cut. A core drill is a tool to drill holes through concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, block concrete, stone or other jobs in the construction industry to reduce manual labor. for worker.
  • Drill core withdrew concrete: made of hollow steel pillar fitted with a diamond blade with very high hardness, will grind the material at the contact surface to form the drilling holes as required by the machining submit.
  • Regular concrete drill bits: This type of drill used for conventional drills, used to drill conventional concrete without the addition of special substances.

In summary, each type of drill has its structure and uses. You should rely on the purpose of choosing the drill bit that suits your needs.

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